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Polyclad Wood Shutters
Smallest environmental footprint of any shutter available
Made in the USA, ShutterSMART’s Polyclad Hardwood Shutters are energy efficient and completely free of paint, formaldehyde and VOCs. They’re fully recyclable, and won’t out-gas, fade, chip, warp, crack or peel. Each shutter is custom hand built with a hardwood core (not MDF) that is then clad with a poly surface. The solid wood construction delivers the strength of a wood shutter, while the polyclad surface is attractive and easy to clean.bedroom-5
Key Features
Hard Wood Core Clad in a durable polyresin. Polyclad hardwood is the most durable and maintenance free shutter that captures the look and feel of real wood shutters with out WoodTextm finish.

Colors: White, Swiss Coffee, Offwhite and Pearl (Pearl is a speciality color)

Shutter Types: Standard folding, Bi-Fold Slider, Bi-Pass Slider, Bi-Pass w/ Btm tack, Double Bi-pass open louver, Double Hung, T-Post, French Door, French Door cut out, Sunburst arches, Arch top shutters.

MiraMonte Painted Wood Shutters
MiraMonte is our Painted hardwood shutter that’s made in the USA with traditional craftsmanship. Each shutter is hand sanded and then painted using our proprietary Kiln Dried finish technology to get a high quality and durable finish. We seal and prep the wood with 2 coats of primer, then apply 2 coats of finish paint that is kiln dried to give you one of the most durable paint finishes available.Arched Shutter MiraMonte
MiraMonte Key Features
Wood Shutters painted with a baked in-finishing process.

Colors: White, Swiss Coffee, Off White, Pearl, Bright White.

Shutter Types: Standard folding, Bi-Fold Slider, Bi-Pass Slider, Bi-Pass w/ Btm, Double Hung, T-Post, French Door, French Door cut out, Arches.

MiraMonte Premier
Custom Stained 100% North American Basswood Shutters
MiraMonte Premier is our beautiful line of high end basswood shutters that offers rich stain colors and custom paint matches to meet the most high end applications. We hand pick the purest 100% North American Bass wood paying close attention to minimizing the imperfections found in wood, then we stain and clear coated twice over to offer you the rich look of old world wood shutter tradition. Miramonte Premier shutters are hand crafted to fine furniture quality standards.MiraMonte Premier photo
MiraMonte Premier Key Features
Wood shutters custom painted or stained to match. Built with Old World craftsmanship.
Colors: Golden oak, Honey, Maple, Natural, Pecan, Cherry, Mahogany, Teak, Walnut and custom matches.
Shutter Types: Standard folding, Bi-fold slider, Bi-pass slider, Double hung, T-post, French door, French door cut out, Arch top shutters.

AllView Shutters
Beautiful Poly Shutters for Less
AllView Poly Shutters deliver the beauty of shutters at a great price. The hidden titlers allow you to have full views through your windows and these come standard on all the shutters. AllView louvers will enhance the beauty of your home and allow you to elegantly control the light coming into your living space. A perfect combination of beauty, function and value, AllView allows you to make minute or grand changes in your view, privacy and light. The poly surface gives you ease of maintenance and durability while the Woodtex finish creates the soft look and feel of wood. The track system is a popular choice on many sliders allowing for ease of operation and the sleek valance adds an elegant finishing touch. Plus AllView has excellent energy efficiency and is a great sound insulator. Unobstructed views, beautiful curb appeal, and a great value for money have made AllView a very popular choice.AllView Shutters photo
AllView Key Features
Durable and low maintenance Polyresin materials featuring our WoodTexTM finish.
Colors: White, Swiss Coffee.
Shutter Types: Standard folding, Bi-pass slider, Bi-pass with bottom track, Track, T-Post, French door.

Woodland Preferred Wood Shutters
Combining Style and Value
Each preferred wood shutter is hand crafted to your custom specifications; size, louver and frame style.
The wood is hand-picked and inspected to reduce the common problems of bowing and warpage found in wood. Our wood shutters use a triple dowel construction joining stiles and rails to give superior strength at these critical jointst. Then we hand sand and paint every wood shutter.
Once the shutters are finished, every shutter goes through a quality inspection where we inspect the finish for defects, the sizing for a perfect fit and every panel for proper operation. The shutters arrive, tailored to your individual tastes and style; ready for custom installation in your home.Woodland Shutters photo
Woodland Key Features
Wood shutters that combine hardwoods and engineered woods to give you the best valued wood shutter available.
Colors: White, Swiss Coffee, Off-White, Pearl, Bright White.
Shutter Types:

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The Many Benefits of Shutters

There is no window covering that enhances the beauty of your home and sculptures light quite as elegantly as interior shutters. MiraMonte Premier photoShutters combine elegance and functionality like no other window covering. Considered by many to be the highest quality window treatment, interior shutters give you total command of your space by allowing minute or grand changes in your view, privacy and light. Shutters are universally appealing and their ability to fit almost any decorating scheme makes them an ideal window treatment..

  • Deliver a timeless beauty that will never go out of style
  • Insulate better than any other window treatment, saving you money right away
  • Offer superb light and visibility control
  • Enhance the curb appeal and look of your home
  • Increase the resale value of your home
  • Clean more easily than any other window covering
  • Maintain their value better than any other type of window covering
  • Look brand new for years to come
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