Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

These blinds have vertical vanes or louvers that are usually made of vinyl, fabric, or both (inserted vanes). Verticals are easy to use, low maintenance and offer the advantage of very effective light control. Particularly well-suited for large windows vertical louvers can be rotated to control glare or close for complete privacy or can be drawn open for an unobstructed view

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SaVanna S-95 Headrail

Practical and fashionable, our collection of SaVanna custom vertical blinds are the most versatile of all window treatments. Paired with one of three valance options you have an ideal window covering for any room in your home.

Vertical Blinds are perfect for large or small windows, French doors and patio doors. SaVanna verticals are available on our S-95 headrail in your choice of fabric or vinyl PVC. Verticals combine beauty, easy maintenance, excellent light control and privacy with a rich variety of fashion forward textures, colors and patterns.

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SaVanna Verticals utilizing the superior S-95 track sets the standard for excellence. This system is the most versatile system that you will find anywhere! The S-95 features self-lubricating wheeled carriers and stacks open in a third less space than any other headrail system. Rotate and traverse motorization is available.

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