PolyClad Shutters

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Stunningly Beautiful … Carefree …Eco Friendly

Shuttersmart Polyclad Wood Shutters are the best poly shutters available today. Each shutter is custom hand built with a strong solid hardwood core that is then clad with a poly surface. The shutters look and feel like traditional wood shutters but eliminate the maintenance challenges or- environmental hazards of painted wood.

Features & Benefits

  • Unmatched Elegance – Beautiful, wide open and full views with our standard hidden rear tilt feature and the look and feel of a wood shutter with our WoodTex™ finish.
  • Strong HardWood Construction – A solid hardwood core has the strength of a wood shutter
  • Low Maintenance Poly – The poly clad surface is low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Energy Efficient Shutters – The Polyclad Construction along with our Thermacore louvers insulate your windows better than wood shutters, reducing your energy bills as much as 35% month after month
  • Fire Retardant Shutters – California Fire Marshall rated
  • Eco Friendly Shutters – The Poly resin materials are man-made, Paint free, non toxic, recyclable and has the lowest environmental impact as found by the US Green Building Council. (USGBC)
  • Lifetime warranty – A Lifetime limited Warranty that covers not only construction but also the finish
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